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lied about serving in vietnam a couple of times. why is the president going to support that guy today? we'll talk about it. brian? >> if you protest the government spending and tax hikes, you may be on a homeland security terrorist watch list. we'll tell you about the state that tried that and the governor that's apologizing. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, roosters, and other pea foul and what not. >> and people. thanks for tuning in for us this morning. three huge storms to tell you about, tropical storm karl dumping rain, hundreds forced from their homes. karl could become a hurricane by tomorrow. now to igor, check out this amazing footage from nasa. the hurricane now 550 miles lorng. igor threatening to generate life threatening rip currents along the coast this weekend. hurricane julia is not expected
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to be a danger to land. major nidal hasan expected in court today. his lawyer wants to close his hearing to the public and media. he says it will jeopardize his right to a fair trial. proceedings set to start on october 12th. weather music for the headlines today. the warnings came but no one listened. pipe that blew up in san bruno, california was flagged for repair in 2009. four people died spewing flames into the street and destroying several nearby homes. the million dollars set aside haven't been spent. arnold schwarzenegger makes his first official visit to the site after returning from asia. president obama's bill design to open up credit to small businesses will likely pass the senate today. the measure includes a $30 billion government fund to help open up lending to small businesses in need of credit. the loan is opposed by most
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republicans who say it's no different than another bailout of the financial system like the one we had two years ago. and those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. let's tell you a little bit about a brand new a.p. poll that is out this morning. it shows that almost half the country opposes tax increases on everybody including the most successful people. >> so that's big news and good news for republicans. not such good news, though, for the president of the united states who is trying to make the case and trying to slam all the republicans. a, they are just the party of the fat cats. here he is yesterday. >> we simply can't afford that. it would mean borrowing $700 billion in order to fund these tax cuts for the very wealthiest americans. $700 bill to give a tax cut to billionaires and millionaires want it's a tax cut that
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economists say would do little to add momentum to our economy. >> what he's forgetting to tell you, if the so-called wealthy make over $250,000 don't get their tax break and allow to -- the bush tax cuts are allowed to evaporate on january 1st, it says it's going to cost the country $10 billion. if he allows the tax cuts to stay in place, the cost for the middle class and down, people who make $250,000 and less, he'll cost the economy over $1 trillion so ok, it's a matter of who is not paying the tax overall but you can't say i'm worried about the deficit and still have those tax cuts in place. but what i find staggering is that the president seems to ignore how many democrats are not in his corner on this. why does he keep calling out -- >> you have to wondering how long he can do that. as we first reported yesterday with the young guns, the three young republicans in the house, they said that they believe that they have bipartisan support to extend tax cuts to all americans.
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and now you have 31 democrats who have signed a letter to nancy pelosi saying that they do in fact favor the republican plan. number 2, all economists do not believe what the president said so he just said most economists believe that people in that tax category, the top 2% would not spend the money. most economists believe that they would spend the money and stimulate the economy. and had a very important third point which at the moment is leaving my mind. >> i will say that. it's interesting where most economists, it's hard to get them to agree but four or five dentists agree with the toothpaste. so easy to get the dentists in line as opposed to economists. >> you were talking about how many democrats are lining up against the president. 31 in all now. >> who shrunk the speaker? >> indeed. the blue dogs sent the speaker of the house a letter yesterday and it said in parts, in recent weeks, we have heard from a
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diverse spectrum of economists, small business owners and families who have voiced concerns that raising taxes, any taxes could negatively impact economic growth. given the fragility of our economy and slow pace of recovery, we share their concerns. so there are 31 house democrats who say let's not raise the taxes on the most successful people in the country. house and democrat leaders are saying look, there's polling information out there that a majority of americans think it's ok. well, now this new a.p. poll says almost half the country opposes that. >> i thought of my third point. it's the spending, stupid! why don't we ever hear from the president about cutting spending? because that is what so many americans -- that was the beginning of the tea party. that's the number one concern of the tea party is the overspending. i don't know anyone in the entire nation, e-mail me if you disagree with this, who agrees with wasting money. who agrees with wasting money? we never look at that from the
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point of view. >> the great thing about washington is they spend the money so wisely. >> no, they don't. when you turn that argument a little bit, who is in favor of wasting money? nobody. why wouldn't you go like you do at your own household income, where you try and make sure that you can pay all your bills, why don't you do that in the government? i don't get it. >> it's not really a tax cut. it's a tax hike. the taxes are at a certain level and what they're talking about is hiking it up 3%, 4%, 5%. >> here's the minority leader mitch mcconnell on trying to define exactly what these tax cuts allowing -- if they allow them to go away and they've been in place for the past 10 years, what could it mean for the economy? here he is. >> let's get the nomenclature right, this has been tax policy for 10 years. when you use the terminology tax cut, you make it like you're doing somebody a favor. this has been the tax level for 10 years. this debate is really about a tax increase in the middle of a recession. >> that's exactly right. >> spinning it again like i was trying to do not very eloquently on the spending. that's the way you spin it in
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the other direction. it's a tax hike. not a tax cut. >> i got exactly your point. you put it directly. and here's what mitch mcconnell was saying. exactly why these 31 democrats signed this letter. if i'm up for election, renewal and i am part of a party that allowed taxes to go up in the middle of a deep recession, i don't think i'm going to keep my job very long. not only did they want to speak out, they wanted to go on the record saying i don't know what's going to happen but i'm not on board with all this. >> what's going to happen? hang in there. the president hitting the campaign trails today. he's heading to connecticut to stump for a controversial senate candidate richard blumenthal. julie kirtz joins us from washington, d.c. good morning. >> good morning. the president carried connecticut by an overwhelming majority two years ago. but his standing in the polls has slipped, as you know, and that raises the big question, could president obama be a drag on democratic senate candidate richard blumenthal? the president is going to connecticut this afternoon to stump for blumenthal as the four
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decade veteran of state politics there has slipped in the polls. new polls show him 6% ahead. that's down from a 10 point lead. he's running against vince mcmahan. the president will attend a splashy fundraiser and it happens to be in gated territory. mcmahan has promised to spend $50 billion to win the race if that's what it takes. blumenthal, campaign officials say they probably can't match that much the president's visit to connecticut today should help on the money front. back to you guys. >> thanks. think what's happening in connecticut. you remember how bad the polling was for senator dodd. so bad the senator who wanted to be president said i have an idea. he'll retire. he retires and the attorney
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general blumenthal to walk away with this race. we find out about his military record. yes, he was in the service but no, he did not fight in vietnam but kept talking about it as if he did. >> yep. >> listen to this and see what you think. >> we have learned something very important since the day i served in vietnam and you xe exemplify it. >> i may have misspoken and i did misspeak on a few occasions out of hundreds that i have attended whether events or ceremonies and i will not allow anyone to take a few of those misplaced words and impugn my record of service. >> did they fight in southeast asia? was i gone for 2 1/2 years? i can't remember. >> this is the chief law know forceme -- enforcement officer, the attorney general of the united states. he is on record by saying when i came back from vietnam. when i served in vietnam.
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this is a smart guy, right? you would think he's probably thinking nobody is ever going to check. i served during that era. i wasn't technically there. but still, it is telling that the president of the united states would appear at this fundraiser. >> he has to. >> what do you mean? >> i understand that. >> it's going to be in private, not public. >> politically, the president has to show his support for blumenthal. why? blumenthal was ahead in this race by 25 points against linda mcmahan before she won the primary. slam dunk win for blumenthal and the vietnam thing came out but now, they need his seat. the democrats desperately need this seat. that's why the president will be there and risk his reputation like he did in virginia, massachusetts and new jersey. >> don't forget the olympics. he came up zero on all those things. here's a guy who lied about his military service and he will be honored essentially by the
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inclusion of the commander in chief in private, not going to be in public. >> unlike the other ones, he said give me a hug, jon corzine, get over here, i'm going to -- >> pose for this picture. >> raising money for the connecticut, for the democratic party in connecticut and now it's for blumenthal in particular to try to get some money behind him. >> let's talk about what's going on in pennsylvania with the homeland security list. you know what that is. that's for terrorists, right? supposed terrorists with the e potential to blow up buildings and airplanes, apparently the people who ended up on the war for anti-tax people, right? >> right. >> people against taxes. how would that happen? >> in particular, that fella right there and gene stilt is the fella who travels around to different events on the capital area of pennsylvania with a 25 foot high inflatable pig. >> right.
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>> to signify government excess and stuff like that in the keystone state. well, he discovered that he had been placed on this list by the pennsylvania department of homeland security. he was upset. now, he's talking about actually suing the state. interesting, the governor two days ago said that he thought maybe this guy's civil rights or constitutional rights had been trampled upon but the next day, he kind of walked it back a little bit. >> they stuck him on this list and he's on a terrorist watch list and he's outraged. governor rendell to his credit goes this is ridiculous. i apologize. >> he was deeply embarrassed. >> he should be and this guy is suing. >> for a plastic pig. a big blowup pig. oops! >> i guess you never know who is going to be on the list. hopefully they have the alleged terrorist on the list as well. coming up, the president promised to come up with a plan to prevent bioterrorism. one problem, he'll have to rely on the same companies democrats slammed in the past. that could get interesting. we'll explain that. >> then, is this appropriate for 6-year-old cheerleaders?
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>> all right. glad you're up. in 2010 at the state of the union address, president bush -- excuse me, president obama made this promise. >> we are launching a new initiative that will give us the capacity to respond faster and more effectively to bioterrorism or an infectious disease. >> but it can take years now for a new life saving medical product or medication to get through all the bureaucratic red tape. a new report claims to have fulfilled the promise obama made during the state of the union.
6:17 am
the administration will have to learn from the very pharmaceutical companies that democrats have criticized in the past. here to explain is the former deputy health services secretary under george h.w. bush and the senior fellow at the hudson institute. so the president is upset about a lot of the bureaucracy that slows down quick reactions to epidemics like the swine flu. he needs the pharmaceutical companies now, doesn't he? >> oh, he absolutely does. i mean, they create these life saving technologies and also know how hard it is to get through the f.d.a. process. it takes 10 years and a billion dollars to get through that process and it's often discouraging to creating new life-saving helpful homeland security biopharmaceuticals. >> so he needs these companies now. how ironic is that? >> it's pretty ironic especially given how they're often criticizing democrat campaign rhetoric, senator kerry criticized them in certain parts of the standard playbook. democrats in congress like henry
6:18 am
waxman who are quite frequent critics of the companies, they're waking up to somebody that needs them. >> we had a dry run of the swine flu. how did we do? what did we learn? what's got to change? >> they broke out the bush administration plan and for the mo part they did a good job and they used the right type of rhetoric. there were two problems really. one was in terms of the overpromising of vaccine and underdelivering. and then the second was in terms of the distribution of getting it to people where it needed to go. they addressed this issue of the development in the report. the rhetoric is something that, you know, you need to be careful of. you can't overpromise and then the distribution is something that i thought was a little underdiscussed in the report. it's an important issue. >> so you have pharmaceuticals who has to be able to act quickly. all they've heard is how bad they are and how price controls have to be implemented. how can price controls put us all in danger? >> well, i mean, price controls are a danger in terms of the r&d budgets of the pharmaceutical companies. if they're not out there
6:19 am
producing the new technologies we won't have the life saving technologies when we need them in case of a terrible attack. an anthrax attack, for example, could cause -- just in new york could cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. >> should we be happy the way the f.d.a. is running things? >> i'd like to see them doing better. even the obama administration admitted in this report there are bottlenecks at the f.d.a. and needs to do better. i'm glad they're waking up to the problem but i really need to see serious improvement. >> thanks so much. >> coming up straight ahead, we change gears. soldiers buried in the wrong graves. investigation is coming our way. confirming our worst fears and more. another biproduct of the crummy economy. more people are filing for disability than ever before. stuart varney here to explain why this is a big problem for all of us. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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>> quick headlines coming your way. let's start in italy. early morning scare for the italian premier. his plane made an emergency landing one hour ago in milan and an official said it was a precautionary measure because of problems with the cockpit windshield. and new video of pope benedict the 16th in the u.k. this morning right now, this is live. he's in scotland with queen elizabeth. it's the first visit to britain since 1982.
6:24 am
>> the social security disability program is on the rise as many unemployed workers try to get on the rolls but the sudden surge threatens to brup the fund much faster than expected. >> stuart varney says the jobless situation probably is worse than he thinks and getting people to gain the system. in the history of social security, the number of people who are filing for disability has never been higher and you smell fraud! >> look. it's possible. you got a spike of 21% in disability claims between 2009 and 2008. that's' huge spike. never seen that before. why did that happen? you have a terrible underlying economy, mass unemployment. it strikes me that a lot of people are desperate. they lose their job. they run out of unemployment benefits and then they say look, i'm desperate. i've got no money. some people are filing disability claims. now, the rules changed in the 1980's.
6:25 am
so that you could file a disability claim, claiming mental disability. a mental illness or what's called muscular skeletal disability. back pain. >> something that doesn't show up on an x-ray. >> exactly. you cannot disprove that. you go to a doctor and say i'm depressed. you can't prove that you're not depressed. you're on disability. now, half of all new claims, half of them are for mental illness or this muscular skeletal pain. >> and that leads you to be your typical cynical stu varney self. >> no. no. >> i'm with you usually. this is a terrible economy. >> i know. >> it's bringing out really desperate people. i can understand this. >> here's my concern, we're telling everybody how to do this. i'm just saying. >> what i would also like to tell you that you are really imposing a huge burden on social security which is already paying out more than it's bringing in. so you are adding to the deficit. this is a problem which was not
6:26 am
going to go away. it's a big one. >> government would be, then, in a jam because usually they try to root out fraud and what not but when you cannot prove it, if it's the thing that doesn't show up on the c.a.t. scan or the x-ray, it's one person's word against uncle sam's. >> plus you've got eight million people getting disability now. eight million. it's going to 11 million by 2015. how many million inspectors do you need to prevent any problems? >> this is exactly the my point at the top of the hour. there's so much waste in our government. you think we're going to hire investigators to go into this and try to figure out who is gaming the system? no way. no way, we can catch you on the fox business channel accident fastest growing business channel in cable. fox business channel, the power to prosper! >> yes. >> very nice. >> thank you, sir. all right. christine o'donnell's win in delaware a couple of nights ago, more proof that the anti-washington sentiment is boiling over. judge andrew napolitano has seen the movement first hand and he
6:27 am
joins us next. >> then check this out -- picture old girls cheering about how tight their skirts are? one parent thought it was a bit outrageous and you won't believe what happened when she complained. >> but first, happy birthday to wyckoff, new jersey's own nick jonas. brian's idol is 18 today. yeah. gear up with great deals at bass pro shops. like... bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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>> here's the shot of the morning. call this guy the lawnmower ranger. bruce mcdonald on his jet tractor and put a big old turbine in his 1966 cub cadet. it took three years and about $8,000 so how fast does it go? the tractor can cut an acre in about 10 minutes. >> what? >> that's not true. it's not faster than the old engine, just a whole lot louder. >> is that a guy thing? >> for a brief moment in my life, i sounded like a guy. >> you would love to hop on that thing and race it around. >> i would. >> i have one with two cup holders. two. when i'm done with over on this side, i can have another cool beverage on this side. >> i can understand if you were
6:32 am
dragging this thing behind you while it was cutting. how thirsty can you be riding in a tractor? >> boo-hoo while your lawnscapers are out there doing your mowing. >> get out there and mow the yard! >> mowing the yard was one of my favorite activities growing up. >> it takes me an hour to do that. i go out there and think about the day's events and i don't have to do other stuff around the house. >> let me tell you what's happening in the world. you can make your own judgment. trial for two american hikers detained in iran could be gone -- could start soon. you got shane bauer and josh fattal. they've been in prison for more than a year. it's unlikely the two will be released before the trial. who knows over there? they've been accused of spying along with their friend sarah shourd released tuesday over health concerns. >> meanwhile, a new jersey judge
6:33 am
has ordered that imam behind the ground zero mosque to clean up the union city apartment building that he owns or face hefty fines. rauf's lawyer says repair work is already under way. the lawsuit claims that rauf ignored problems and fire hazards pointed out by his tenants as well as code violations pointed out by city officials. >> bed bugs and roaches, not good. >> remember, the shocking story out of arlington national cemetery. reports of mismanagement, possibly linked to a number of mislabelled and botched burials. well, after one widow's persistent calls, three graves have been resumed revealing they were buried in the wrong place. we'll keep our eye on that story for you. >> you have a 6-year-old cheerleader who gets kicked off her squad because her mom didn't want her to say this. >> shakes from left to right. >> well, she said booty. she was supposed to say booty as part of the cheer. >> you know, the mom listens to the songs. not going to do it.
6:34 am
jennifer tesh of madison heights, michigan thought that cheer was too racy for her kid so the board that runs the team gave little kennedy the boot in her booty. they said it's best for everybody. >> not better for everybody involved at all. not better for my child. she's going to be devastated. >> parents who defend the cheer says it's been around for years. the little cheerleader and her mom will join us tomorrow for their very first interview. it's a "fox & friends" cheerleading exclusive. >> from cheerleading to just things to cheer about, sports. >> especially if you're a rays fan. tampa rays. let's go to baseball. last night's action, yankees and rays battling for first place. dan johnson has a monster night for the rays. two homers, the rays eke out the victory, 4-3. they take the series 2-1 games. they meet again this weekend in new york but the message it sent, the yankees are in second. football now, eagles quarterback michael vick who i picked up
6:35 am
yesterday in my fantasy league. may get his first start in four years in detroit because kevin kolb failed the concussion test. turns out he has one. however, the coach says he's made the progress and isn't ruling him out starting instead. injuries are a growing problem in the nfl now that they're acknowledging them. last year, they placed stricter return to play rules for players who show concussion symptoms. the 2005 heisman trophy will remain vacated forever. that's the decision by the heisman trust after usc running back reggie bush said you can take it back. it means the former texas quarterback vince young will not get the trophy. he said he didn't want it anyway the day before he said he did want it. that's it for that story. 25 minutes to the top of the hour. we move on. >> the tea party proving to be a powerful force after a string of primary victories. now some democrats are already suggesting that christine o'donnell's win in delaware on tuesday is dividing the g.o.p. and will give democrats a win in november. joining us now with his take,
6:36 am
fox senior judicial analyst and host of freedom watch on the fox business network, judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. >> well, you know what? the republicans are doing it to themselves, i hate to say it. they're dividing their own party. >> see, i don't think it's necessarily a division in the republican party. i think it's a republican party coming back home to the barry goldwater, ronald reagan roots and while that has frustrated the leadership, especially the national leadership, the folks that we know because we interview them on a daily basis, it hasn't frustrated the rank and file and they've done so in huge numbers. look at new york. i mean, rick lazio was a shoo-in for the republican nomination a month ago. yesterday, he lost -- two days ago, he lost 60-30, overwhelming. >> i was talking specifically about the complaints that christine o'donnell winning in delaware. >> those are manifested by people who do not want to see a small government republican represent delaware in the seat once held by a big government democrat, joe biden. >> sure. that's exactly right. and there's so many people out
6:37 am
there that have been watching washington over the last decade or so and they say, you know, year after year, i vote for republicans and why are these republicans voting for these great big spending bills? they want to pull it back! reduce the spending. reduce the taxes. that's the tea party message. >> i think that michael castle who lost to christine o'donnell who has been in office for 40 years. >> a moderate. >> lieutenant governor of delaware. governor of delaware. the sole occupant of sole congressional seat in delaware, won 10 times statewide. i think that loss is so emblematic of what's happening in the republican party today. if you don't stick to your roots, we're going to kick you out. >> i think that's true, too, judge. bring me to november now. we have seven weeks. 19% of the country supports the tea party. i'm not talking about the republican party. 19% according to a cbs poll. this was a group that was laughed at three years ago. ignored five years ago. now, it's a major force to be
6:38 am
reckoned with. most of them are republicans. you know that i've spoken at a lot of these groups that are independents, there are people that have never been affiliated with any part of the party. but they're passionate and going to vote this. >> they were laughed at a year ago. it wasn't three and five years ago. here's the thing, the number one reason that people come together to be in the tea party is overspending. 45% of people who belong or say they're part of the tea party, 45% of them say the number one concern is spending in washington. >> and that is a problem brought on by both parties, by republicans losing their traditional small government roots and by democrats repeating the same mistakes that hoover and f.d.r. made 70 years ago. >> come together, opposite sides of the spectrum. there was a little interplay evidently yesterday as they pretended to be in conflict. what too your sources say? on the promos -- >> i'll have them both. i'm having the godmother and the
6:39 am
godfather of the tea party movement on "freedom watch" this week. governor palin and senator jim demint. they will explain what's happening in the discord between rank and file and leadership. we've interviewed him many times on our former radio show and he's been here many times, basically said you know what? o'donne o'donne o'donnell is the republican nominee. whether we like mike castle or not, he's out. >> they got a $42,000 check yesterday from the senator. >> after they said that they weren't going to maybe support her. but anyway, they finally came to their senses. >> again, the rank and file telling the leadership what to do. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. always a pleasure. watching your show this weekend on the fox business. coming up, police for pots? cops are backing a plan to make marijuana legal? is that a good idea? we'll talk about it. >> story we've been following closely. a plan to teach sex ed to kindergarten students in montana. we have an update for you on that. >> watching those three kids in the middle of the field.
6:40 am
first, the quote of day. who said this? i understand why people are disappointed in me especially as i grew up as america's sweetheart. >> that was judge napolitano, wasn't it? >> e-mail us. [ male announcer ] you can dream of completely transforming how new york city manages i.t. or, like bmc software, you can dream it and do it. bmc lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student.
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for those who want white teeth pronamel gentle whitening, helps protect against acid erosion but also helps bring back your teeth to their natural whiteness. >> couple of quick headlines for you now. an iranian woman facing death by stoning appearing on state tv to say that she has not been tortured. her stoning sentence was suspended in july said she was not forced to appear on camera but remember, this is iran. and the very rare sight in the waters near rodondo beach, california. check out this -- how close this blue whale is to the kayaker and look at his gigantic size. check that out! oh, my goodness.
6:44 am
blue whales haven't been spotted there in more than 30 years. that's quite an image. steve? >> you probably heard supporters of legalized pot in california claim it would save the state's economy. just think of all that tax money. well, now, some veteran police officers and chiefs as well are supporting prop 19. they say it would actually make the streets safer. how is that possible? let's talk to this man, joseph mcnamara is a former police chief and member of the group law enforcement against prohibition and joins us from stanford university studio. good morning to you, chief. >> good morning. >> i know the california police chiefs association has come out against legalizing pot with prop 19 in your beautiful state. why are you for legalizing pot? >> well, many of us are for it and many chiefs say they can't speak openly for it. but it's quite exciting for us
6:45 am
because this will strike a blow against the drug cartels and drug gangs by taking away 60% of the funds that they obtain now from marijuana's black market. during my 35 years in law enforcement, we never landed a glove on them and this can be done without any expensive, new programs or bureaucracies and it actually will save a lot of money in policing the courts and prison system. at the same time, it will bring in new revenue by taxing marijuana which ironically now escapes taxation because it's illegal. >> right. >> i've been research fellow at the hoover institution here and i've been studying this for years since retiring from policing. and we have an organization called leaf, law enforcement officers who think this is the best thing that could ever happen. we will reduce crime in california by my estimates of between 40 million and 208 million crimes a year.
6:46 am
and we will strike a great blow against the people getting rich, the drug dealers and drug cartels. >> ok. chief, that is -- if you legalize it, let me take the other side, they say look, people who smoke pot studies have shown that it, among other things, it minimizes their short term memory. it reduces their reaction time. chief, you know, you've been in policing for 35 years. you have a stone driver behind the wheel of the car, that's a bad thing out on i-5 or something like that. >> well, that's correct. and prop 19 expressfully states that this will not change that. they will still be arrested as they should be and the police are actually have more time to do that and concentrate on this because they will save enormous resources by not having to deal with pot. today, under the present system, we still have anyone in california who wants to get marijuana can get it and use it.
6:47 am
and they refuse to admit this failure but they are endorsing the status quo which has never worked and it never will work and it results in a great deal of violent crime and corruption. >> sure. chief, one of the other arguments is if you pass prop 19 and you legalize pot, ok, you're saying, you know, it would be a boom to the state coffers and reduce crime and drug cartels would go out of business but what about the inadvertent fact that suddenly a lot of pot would be out there in the open and it's going to wind up in the hands of kids. >> that turns out to be false. it's out there in the open now. >> how can you say that if it's legal? if somebody -- >> let me tell you how. >> if it's on somebody's coffee table and a kid walks by and thinks i'm going to smoke that, what's going to stop him? >> let me tell you what happens now. the kids themselves going off of 30 years say it's easier to get marijuana than it is to get alcohol because to get alcohol which is legal you have to
6:48 am
display an i.d. card. but the dope dealers don't ask for i.d. cards and they're actually using kids to sell dope and luring them into using harder drugs and into the whole drug business. so what you hear is false and the fact is the parents could get pot any time they want now and the kids can take pot or any other prescription drug if the parents aren't doing their job and raising children. but, you know, anyone who thinks the government is going to keep their kids from being exposed to drugs is -- has to get real. this is not the real world and in fact, the best way to do this is to prevent -- protect your kids and protect us is to pass prop 19. people are not afraid of pot smokers but they are afraid of murderers and robbers and burglars. that's what the police have a fundamental duty to protect. not to stop people from smoking pot. >> although currently it is illegal and there sure is a lot of it going on. chief joseph mcnamara, thank you
6:49 am
very much for joining us from california. >> thank you. >> what do you think? do you think this is a good idea? should they legalize pot in california with prop 19? e-mail us right now at friends at a story we've been following closely. a plan to teach kindergarten students it's ok to be gay. interesting update to that. then you're in country illegally. well, senator harry reid wants you to stay and he's attaching his plan to make it happen to the -- the defense bill? easy for me to say. michelle malkin, top of the hour. right now, the answer to our quote of the day. leeann rhimes said it. ♪
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> you want to pay close attention to this one. it's a story we've been following closely here at "fox & friends." a plan to teach sex ed to kindergarten students in helena, montana, now after over 7,000 public comments, officials have revised the proposed curriculum. concerned parents michael wilkerson said some changes are great. others are in terminology and not substance and she's my guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so this meeting took place tuesday night. there's been a lot of public comment on this. what are the changes? >> you know, the changes are mostly in taking out the graphic language but the intent has stayed much the same. they did make abstinence more profound and they took out a few of the graphic things but there wasn't a whole lot of change. >> in other words, abstinence based teaching will top the program and one thing that they will take out is that they won't say to first graders directly,
6:54 am
they won't explain what same sex relationships are, right? >> well, they've changed the wording from talking about loving people of the same gender to recognizing family structures so that would be my hope. >> uh-huh. >> it also will strike the plan to teach kids in second grade it's hurtful to make fun of gay people by calling them names. how will they change that? >> they went ahead and they noted that the district wide policy already covers that so they took the language out. and noted that the policy already covers that. >> you have five kids in this school system from kindergarten to freshman. what age did you think was appropriate for your kids to start learning about this stuff? >> well, we teach them on a one-on-one basis around middle school, some of the simple stuff. when i talk to my kids, i don't talk about, say, dental downs in fifth grade or oral sex. i start in sixth grade but it's a lot different than this program.
6:55 am
>> right. >> what are your concerns now, mikal? it seems some of this has been toned down. why are you still concerned? >> it has been toned down and for that i'm very thankful. i'm still concerned because the superintendent stated that the spirit of the document remains. i'm afraid that the tax folks will teach the same at the old job and they've just -- they've dumbed down the language a little bit and taken out the graphic language and i'm concerned to what is going to be taught in the classroom to my child. >> right accide, you're not the parent. you and i both know as parents of little kids, they ask questions, right? if they've never heard of any of this before and it's dloen at them, they'll be with like 100 questions raising their hand. >> they are. please note when they say medical terminology, they're still going to use the real names for the body parts. for example, they took out the graphic sexual intercourse definition. but they do have to teach sexual intercourse and they haven't
6:56 am
said how they'll teach that so i'm guessing it will still be taught the same, they just took that language out of the document. >> all right. some things that parents need to pay attention to no doubt specifically in helena, montana. thanks for being our guest today. >> thank you. >> and tomorrow, exclusive first interview with helena school student bruce messinger. that's tomorrow here on "fox & friends." coming up on this show today, he was loving it. then he dropped dead. we'll show you a new ad attacking mcdonald's. just fine or over the line? then first, you couldn't smoke in bars. now you can't light up in public places like times square? that story is next hour on "fox & friends." ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ savor and explore, the great indoors ♪
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, september 16, 2010. thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. tea party candidates are making waves. will the rest of the republican party jump on board? michelle malkin on the grassroots movement that's going mainstream? >> oh, that will be interesting. plus president obama takes to the campaign trail and the constitution constitutional, why is he stumping for the man who lied on serving in vietnam? that's a bit risky. >> is that a side of death? huh? side of death, sign of death. a new ad attacking mcdonald's shows a dead guy with a burger in his clinched fist. just fine or over the line? we'll show it to you straight ahead. hour two of "fox & friends" for a thursday starting right now. >> sounds like we're chilling -- >> what a beautiful shot over
7:01 am
new york city as the sun comes up here today. >> whose idea was it to have the sun come up right there? >> i think it was leonardo devinci who made that possible. didn't he design the original helicopter? >> right. >> helicopter shot from channel 5 here in new york. >> we owe him a big homage. remind me and we love his code as well. >> right. >> we've got a lot of politics and stuff to talk to you about. michelle malkin will be coming up very, very shortly and the great betty white on today's telecast. how cool is that? >> and bristol palin. in the meantime, three huge storms to tell but today. tropical storm karl now dumping heavy rain on mexico's yucatan peninsula. hundreds forced from their homes. some power lines down. karl could become a hurricane by tomorrow. now, let's check out igor and check out this awesome footage from space. the hurricane is 550 miles long. forecasters say it's threatening to generate life threatening rip currents along the east coast
7:02 am
coming up this weekend. want good news about the weather? hurricane julia is not expected to hit any land. in other news this morning, major hasan, the man accused of murdering 13 people in fort hood expected in court today. his lawyer wants to close the hearing from the public and the media. it will hurt his chance for a fair trial, they say. the proceedings are scheduled to start, that is october 12th. president obama's small businesses bill will likely pass in the senate today. the measure includes a $30 billion government fund to open up lending to small businesses who are in need of credit. the loan is opposed by most republicans that says it's not much more than the bailout two years ago. get this, new york city is set to hold hearings today on a proposal to ban smoking now in public parks, beaches and even times square. there's already a big apple ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. the city council will vote on the ban once hearings are complete. and those are your very quick headlines. >> can't smoke outside. >> wasn't mayor bloomberg the
7:03 am
one that started this whole thing? now it's everywhere. >> i don't know where the smokers are supposed to go they can't be outside, i'm not sure. >> go to jersey! >> some places, they can't even smoke in their own house. president obama heading to connecticut to stump for the controversial senate candidate richard blumenthal. julie kirtz joins us live with a preview on that. >> political experience is not a big selling point this election season. he's headed to pennsylvania to help a very prominent democrat there, richard blumenthal who is looking to fill the seat of chris dodd. blumenthal had been in connecticut politics for four decades and president obama carried connecticut by an overwhelming majority twoo years ago but this year, this election, blumenthal has slipped in the polls. new survey shows him six points ahead. that's down from a 10 point lead earlier. he's run against republican and
7:04 am
former wrestling executive linda mcmahan pumping millions of hers dollars into this tight race to help blumenthal. the president will attend a flashy fundraiser today and happens to be in enemy territory, the same gated community where linda mcmahan lives. she's promised to spend $0,000,000 in win the race. campaign officials say they probably can't match that. president obama's appearance in connecticut today, of course, will help on the money front. mcmahan has outspent blumenthal 16-1. back to you guys. >> that's a lot of money. all right. thank you very much. let's deal in michelle malkin who joins us every week at this time. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> hey, what do you make of this intra party squabble between people -- moderate g.o.p., people on the very, very right of the g.o.p. vs. the tea party ever since christine o'donnell's win in delaware? >> well, its been a long time coming. i think that we're seeing the
7:05 am
changing of the guard, the old guard in washington who for a long time has had a monopoly on dictating who gets to run in these races, who gets money? and they've totally been upended by the grassroots tea party movement and when i started covering the movement two years ago now, in its days before it was called a tea party movement, one of the things that i emphasized to beltway and east coast journalists is they didn't understand. it took them a long time to absorb is this is not just about challenging obama and challenging big government leftism, it was also about holding accountable republicans, people who are supposed to represent limit government, and it was a revolt not just against the current batch of incumbents who are now feeling heat and losing the seats they've felt entitled to but it's a rejection of so many of the big government policies in the bush years that are paving
7:06 am
the way of what we're seeing from obama now. >> the banner that underneath you shows tea party vs. the g.o.p. what's going to happen? you have a very, very prominent republican karl rove saying this on "greta" last night. >> i'm an analyst and sure, i come with a viewpoint. i come with my republic yon viewpoint but my job is to analyze these things so viewers can understand what might be happening. >> he's defending the fact that he continues to criticize christine o'donnell's win in delaware. >> well, i've had my say on my web site and on sean hannity's show last night about how i feel about his response. to christine o'donnell's win, the least that so many of these beltway republicans could have done would have extended an obligatory word of congratulations for somebody who upended a nine term entrenched
7:07 am
incumbent. i would think that brilliant strategists would give her her due. grassroots conservatives have been revolting against beltway establishments, organizations, whether it was the nrcc, the rnc, they're not giving money anymore to many of these organizations because they feel their money hasn't been well spent. it goes back to the 2023 race where so many republicans endorsed a woman who was to the left of president obama in so many ways. >> some things have happened since she won. backlash of those who wanted castle and couldn't believe he lost. now you have the senate committee that says here's a check for $42,000. congratulations as did mitch mcconnell and senator jim demint says i don't care what we've been battling out in the g.o.p., we're coming together for the next seven weeks for november. these are healthy things to debate and find out, don't you think? >> oh, yeah. i'm not afraid of this kind of
7:08 am
rancor. i think it is a healthy thing and i think it shows, in fact, i mean what you'll get the narrative you'll get from the left is oh, civil war? this is a sign of immaturity. i think actually it's the opposite. the fact that people feel comfort enough in their ideas to battle them out in public and i think you are going to see this shedding of old skin and a rebirth of the grassroots conservative movement. thank god! >> i think sarah palin came in 25-11 in an itchy back. anybody who thinks she can't be is crazy. >> let's go to homeland security concerns, this is happening in f pennsylvania where i said earlier, hopefully they have terrorists on this list because apparently they have people on here that aren't terrorists. this one guy who goes to protests for anti-tax protest. this guy right here, political
7:09 am
activist jean stilts. >> for doing what? for carrying an inflated pink pig. to protest big government policies and spending and tax hikes by the government in pittsburgh. no, apparently, the state paid a nonprofit group called the institute for terrorism research, $125,000 to compile the list. and you would think that the state government would be on this like white on rice and immediately figure out who this group is, what their criteria were and what the real jeaned is in putting anti-tax protesters and other protesters on this list that are simply exercising their free speech but the governor there said they're not going to take any official action and then acknowledging it and giving a meek apology to those who were on the list. >> meanwhile, let's talk about else on the docket today. harry reid has added to a
7:10 am
defense bill, the thing called the dream act. we're all for dreams. when i find out what the dream act is it would give 700,000 people who are in this country illegally go to skej. they can join the military. >> and become citizens. >> right, the pathway of citizenship. he's asked a don't ask tonight tell provision in there as well and mitch mcconnell called it controversial because of the inclusion of these two things on a defense bill? >> good question. it really is just another recipe for political suicide. harry reid apparently has a laton list. she jumped on it with a new ad calling him the best friend illegal aliens have ever had. wees been waerg water for years
7:11 am
and years now. it's continued to fail. they came eight votes short a couple of years ago but died on the vine. it will be very difficult to convince his democrat party colleagues to hand over special preferences. what this essentially does is give illegal aliens a leg up, a special discount for in-state tuition. >> right. let's talk about this ad that the physicians for responsible medicine have put out now. no doubt to get a whole bunch of attention and that's why we're talking about it. it has to do with mcdonald's and a hamburger and causing death? watch. >> yeah. >> he's holding a burger in his hand and his wife is mourning
7:12 am
him because he's now dead. is this fine or over the line, michelle? >> definitely over the line. and i think what people need to understand is that this group, the so-called physicians for responsible medicine is actually funded by peta. it's the same radical animal rights agenda and what they serve up is a diet of fear. i think what they fear is consumers having more choices on the menu and affordable ones. the fact is that in these hard economic times which i just referred to, people are going to mcdonald's more often and they have more healthy choices there. they can get fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. but here, they're basically trying to scare the pants off of people and you know what? i really feel like going to mcdonald's now and get a hash brown and egg mcmuffin. >> i can't believe that's not defamation. anyway, that's for lawyers to figure out. >> copyright infringement.
7:13 am
see you back here next week. >> thanks. same to you guys. >> it's certainly interesting times. it will be an exciting seven weeks as we get close to election day. he appears on "jaws" beach where one of the movies was filmed. he turns up in the belly of a shark. >> fighting billions fighting terror cells overseas but paying enough attention to terrorists in our own country? peter johnson jr. saying we're not. >> there's a new commercial airing in washington, d.c. that blames mcdonald's for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. today, mcdonald's issued a statement saying that's it? ricas who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. acidic foods can cause a softening of the enamel. once you lose enamel, it's gone for good. for those who want white teeth
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7:16 am
>> got a new report that says the islamic extremists are shifting their plans away from a larger 9/11 style attack to focusing on radicalizing american citizens and that could be a problem because we're not ready to deal with it. listen. >> terrorists may have found
7:17 am
our achilles heel. we have no strategy to deal with this growing problem and emerging threat. >> fox legal analyst peter johnson jr. is here. we have to check every american who has constitutional rights here. it's tough. >> it's beyond that. what we're seeing is and understanding from this report that was done by the successors to 9/11 commission, you know, former governor kaine and congressman hamilton. >> both at that press conference. >> they're saying in the past year so 43 americans and their residents have been involved and charged and/or convicted with terrorists to crimes in this kunl country. we have to look at the evidence in terms of pakistan, somalia and al-qaida and we see that these incidents, major hasan, the christmas day bomber, the times square bomber, these are not what they were calling lone wolves or one offs. they are part and parcel of an international effort by al-qaida
7:18 am
and others to radicalize indigenous muslim americans, radicalize immigrant muslim americans, immigrant muslim residents of this country. >> here's the problem and i don't know if there's an answer to this right now. there is no strategy in place to find out which americans are being radicalized, why they're being radicalized and how they're being radicalized. >> the federal government is beginning to come to terms with this. they're putting together various task force involving a lot of different agencies at the federal level including the f.b.i. but what we haven't come to terms with is 11 jihadist attacks, plots or efforts for terrorism here in the last year. we saw the major hasan is some kind of criminal act. now we know it was not merely a criminal act that apparently it was part and parcel of an al-qaida effort. we have the fort hood shooting there. we have the two -- two military
7:19 am
recruiters who were shot in arkansas. it goes on and on and on and on. >> doing the same damage to america from their perspective by letting them think that they can't -- we can't go to the malls so we might get shot in the street. that car that's parked on the side could blow up a subway station. >> what this report is saying is we should not and hopefully we will not anticipate mass attacks. this is their conclusion on the level of what occurred on 9/11 but what they do predict is assassinations. they do predict the kind of attacks that we saw in mumbai that involved an american that scouted the location, a man from chicago. they do predict those kinds of attacks. >> i want to see your strategy coming forward. >> they're trying now but coming late to the game. >> always seem to be late. thanks so much.
7:20 am
>> 19 minutes after the hour. big environmental headache being blamed on the 9/11 memorial. then the mayor of washington, adrian fenti out but the real losers, the kids. john stossel here to explain. [ engine revving ] [ male annouer ] the u.s. gornment may soon require brake override technogy on all new cs and trucks. at nissan, wehink this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all. [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. ♪ a nutritious start to the day is essential.
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7:23 am
>> news by the numbers. let's start in the beginning. first a record $119 million. that's how much of her own california -- her own money, california gubernatorial candidate meg whitman has spent on her campaign. that's more than i have. that surpasses the previous record held by new york city mayor mike bloomberg who ended up winning. next $7.5 million. that's the new much lower asking price of the new new york estate where chelsea clinton got married. the selling point, ex-president's daughter got married here. it didn't really affect the price.
7:24 am
they chopped it in half. finally 1.2 million. that's how much chuck e. cheeses light up rings and toy eyeglasses have been recalled. consumer products safety commission says small kids could swallow the battery inside the toys and choke. put them down and roll them out. >> thanks, brian. meanwhile, the mayor of washington, d.c. for years is out. he tried to overhaul the school system by battling the unions and he lost on primary election day. but the real losers are the children. what's the solution? john stossel joins us live. good morning to john. >> good morning. you don't know for sure that the real losers are the children but fenti did support some school reform in washington and michelle reed who took over the school system did do what's remarkable in a government-run school system. she fired 5% of the teachers, the worst performers. she said they were abusing the kids and the -- the person likely to become mayor said, why didn't you follow the law?
7:25 am
so i think he's likely to fire her. >> i think this adrian fenty was a relatively new mayor, was he not? he was young, 39 years old and he had sort of these new policies and that's why he hired michelle reed to come in and try to save the worst public school system in america. she did what she could and now she could be out, john, right? >> right. and she raised it from the worst to maybe the second or third worst. i mean, why is it controversial to fire 5% of the worst people? >> why not fire all of the worst people? >> well, it's hard to identify who is the worst but jack welsh built g.e. from a $14 billion to $400 billion. every year, you let the bottom 10% go. we have a clip from michelle, i confronted about this on the show and she, of course, dodges saying what will happen. >> we looked to really get rid of the bloat and put money down where it belongs which is at the
7:26 am
classroom level. did that earn me some enemies? absolutely. so did closing low performing schools and moving out low performing principals and teachers but at the end of the day, i was not brought here to be popular. i was brought here to fix the schools. that's exactly what we've tried to do. >> she's my hero. it's about the kids. i can't understand for a reason why somebody would not want a better education for their kids. you're going to tell me right now that spending has gone up dramatically and hasn't helped the kids. >> spending has gone up four times since i was in college. test scores are flat. enrollment hasn't gone up. >> four times. >> they always say we need more money. we'll show people who for less money have raised their schools from the bottom to the top. >> look for the union label. the unions that helped create -- plus, you know, various administrations, huge bureaucracy. that was supposed to just teach kids and if we're spending that
7:27 am
much per kid, you think our kids would be at the top of the heap world wise. we're not. >> what's this idea that teachers should have tenure. we don't have tenure. most people in life don't have tenure. this idea is crazy to impose it on every government-run school system. >> uh-huh. news flash, if michelle rhee gets fired, any school district out there who wants change and possibly better test scores, she might be available. i will be tuning into your show tonight to catch this on the fox business network. there it is right there. 9:00 p.m. and midnight. thanks, john. >> thank you. >> all right. he disappeared off jaws beach where the movie jaws was film and now one guy turned up dead. they found him in the belly of a shark ironically. >> soldiers buried in the wrong graves? the investigation now under way at arlington national cemetery and confirming our worst fears and more. >> then the spring cup is just around the bend. nascar's own carl edwards, greg
7:28 am
bissell and clint foyer join brian outside. >> donald trump, betty white and bristol palin all coming up on "fox & friends." ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. yeah. gear up with great deals at bass pro shops. like... bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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7:31 am
>> president obama spoke to students this week in his back
7:32 am
to school address. he told young people to dream big, stay focused and stay in school. stay in school, you know why? there's no jobs when you get out! i said sit there! that's it. >> that's what a lot of kids are actually doing. they keep going back for more degrees and more degrees because they can't get jobs right now. >> at least the master's anyway. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> take a look at what's happening in my home state. in november, voters in kansas will be able to decide whether or not residents there have the right to bear arms in kansas and joining us now here in the new york bureau with more on the story, doug kennedy. hey, doug. >> hey, steve. the u.s. constitution already protects the right to bear arms but some in kansas, your state, steve, want more protection. and not just from thieves. >> need to hang up our target. >> bearing arms is not just a right but an obligation. >> a shot.
7:33 am
>> and it's not just for protection against criminals. she believes americans must bear arms for protection against the government. so give me the scenario where we may have to fight our government with guns. >> well, we have to put limits on our government. that's what the constitution does for us. >> she has the kansas state rifle association and runs this shooting range just outside kansas city. she's now supporting a ballot initiative here in kansas that would give residents here a constitutional right to bear arms. some gun control advocates call that blatantly redundant. >> the u.s. supreme court in two different decisions over the last two years has determined that the second amendment is applicable to the states. >> paul is from the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. he says he gets nervous when gun advocates talk about taking up arms against the government. >> when someone thinks that
7:34 am
they on their own can decide that somehow the government is tyrannical and can start a revolution, we're not following the processes that our government set up. >> brady campaign says by preparing for armed conflict, it's you violating our constitution and bill of rights. >> we have a right to be able to defend ourselves from a rogue government. >> and she says the best way to defend against a rogue government is to prevent a rogue government by bearing arms. that's it from here, steve. back to you. >> douglas, you look like a pretty good shot. >> it's pretty easy with a double barrel shotgun, steve. >> how many takes, douglas? >> you know, do we discuss -- steve knows what happens in kansas, stays in kansas. >> thank you very much. >> if you could do the two unauthorized biography of steve doocy and find out really what happened in kansas to that man. >> that's right. that's after the show show. douglas kennedy in the newsroom. thank you, sir. >> see you guys. >> all right.
7:35 am
meanwhile, headlines for you. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says he's staying out of the trial of the two hikers being detained. josh fattal and shane bauer have been held for over a year after being caught crossing into iran accident accidentally. they've been accused of spying. a third hiker was released earlier this week because of health concerns regarding her. >> arlington national cemetery confirms now the remains of three vets were buried in the wrong place. the cemetery exhumed the soldiers' bodies after persistent calls from the vets' families. earlier this year, an investigation discovered that hundreds of graves were mislabelled and burials were botched due to poor management and makes you wonder how many others could be out of place. >> you're right. more than 10,000 birds found themselves trapped in the beams of a memorial lights marking the anniversary of the attacks on september 11th. conservationists say the tribute of light not only attracted the birds but confused them and
7:36 am
threw them off their migration paths. the lights were turned off five times last week so the birds could get back on track and head south. >> well, he disappeared off jaws beach where the movie "jaws" was filmed. now that sailor's body has turned up dead in the belly of a shark. his body was identified by fingerprints after two legs and arms were found inside a 12-foot tiger shark caught on a fishing trip. they vanished last month after their boat had engine trouble off the bahamas and reportedly tried to swim to shore and that's when newton was attacked. wow. what a horrible story. >> no kidding. suddenly that guy in the movie realized he needed a bigger boat. >> let's head to brian with a little bit more upbeat news. right? >> absolutely. because that's what this weekend is all about. arguably the sport that our fans like most is nascar and that's what they watch. nascar's regular season finished up this saturday in richmond leaving 12 drivers in the final chase for the sprint cup. joining me right now are three
7:37 am
of those drivers that seem quite relaxed and confident, carl edwards, greg bissell and great to see you again. you dress up nice. is it good to be in an outfit where you don't have to zipper up the front? >> absolutely not. it's easy to put on the uniform. >> tell me about the closing of this season. it's got to be a relief. you got here to the finish line. biggest racers in the country. you have tony stewart and jeff gordon. in the end, everybody wants to beat one man. who was that man? >> we don't know this year. >> it's jimmie johnson. you have to knock that guy off, after all! >> we've already done that. >> four championships in a row, jimmie has done an amazing job. close as it's ever been. the competition has been very close week in and week out. >> it's somewhat contentious in the series because we saw a lot of things boiling over this year.
7:38 am
>> i think so. you know, i mean, like he said, it's so competitive and so hard to -- to, you know, we're all so even and that's where things happen, you know, we're pushing and shoving and trying to make things happen. and, you know, things boil over. >> yeah, and that's what really has happened. in a way, carl, doesn't that bring more attention to the sport? >> i didn't notice anything boiled over this year. did you? >> i think that was a half-hour special. >> yeah. >> it does, you know, the thing that we bring to our fans that passion and that excitement. when you're on the race track, it's something that happens, only because we're competing with everything we've got so that's what nascar has to deliver and i think this will be second to none. >> tell me how this boils down. relatively new. you brought playoffs to nascar. tell us how this happens. >> there's 12 drivers, 12 that make the chase and only 12 with win that championship. i was the last one in. i was 12 feet in and, you know, something is very special so this kicks off our chase. one of the races to go and we're
7:39 am
going to decide who is the champion. >> right. you come in at the is 12th seat. this weekend you'll be in new hampshire, correct? >> yeah. >> you'll be at the new hampshire motor speedway. that holds what? i was up there when rudy giuliani knew where to go for his constituency. that holds over like 100,000 people, doesn't it? >> yeah, all of our venues do. 100,000 people is about our average or more at every race. so i mean, we put a lot of people in the grandstands. lot of people love to come out and see and smell the cars and see them and all that stuff. it's -- everywhere we go, there's a lot of fans. >> is only one of you that can do the back handspring or just a showboat? can you also do that? >> give it a shot. >> i don't know. >> for phil, the whole outcome. >> of all the times that you've been here, we've gotten close to getting you to do it.
7:40 am
can we actually see it? >> if you do one first, i'll give it a shot. >> we're out of time. by the way, whose car? >> this is fred's car. >> show car. >> and it's doing better -- i brought my sprint bonus and it's doing better than mine. it's struggling. that's how tough the phones are. >> if anybody has some money for carl edwards, this really -- his phone is smashed. you think you have a phone deal. >> it's been working great, though. i have to thank sprint. i was nervous. it's making calls. >> as much as we like jimmie johns johnson, very friendly guy. knock him off. four in a row is a little much. great to see you. good luck. speak for the women here say you guys cleaned up nice. all right? good job. back inside. >> i thought you were speaking for yourself, brian! >> well, we'll talk about this coming up. outsiders on way in. insiders on the way out. what does this mean for the midterm elections and president obama? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead.
7:41 am
>> then drinking wine to lose weight? yep, the cast from the hit tv show "the doctors" is here with health fixes that take five minutes. you can do that. we can all do it. >> and then look who is on deck on our show still. donald trump, betty white and bristol palin. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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7:44 am
>> tea party candidates big victories in tuesday's primary. some say it's causing a battle between the tea party and republican party. >> she ran in 2008 against then senator joe biden and i think lost fairly handily, close to 2-1.
7:45 am
i think -- look, i think last night showed that there is a very vociferous debate going on inside the republican party for the hearts and minds of republican voters. >> civil war, is that true? or just the hope of democrats? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, andrea toteros, conservative columnist and fox news contributor and the democratic strategist richard goodstein. your column today is about this. what are your thoughts? >> i actually think gibbs is right. i think there's a very healthy debate going on right now but i don't think necessarily the republicans are divided on ideology. i think we all agree on the core principles of smaller government, cutting spending and lower taxes. the problem is the republican party got away from that for so long and so it's actually the tea party movement that's bringing them back in and reigning in those big government mike castle type republicans. and actually -- >> civil war. is there a civil war going on between the tea party and the
7:46 am
republican party? >> i think there's a civil war going on between the operatives and the insiders in d.c. and the people out in america because the insiders, that's the problem, gretchen. they only see inside and sometimes they can't look out and actually see the movement that's afoot and i think that's where they dropped the ball when it came to the tea party movement. >> does this play in the hands of the democrat talking points? >> it does. look, hats off to christine o'donnell for uniting democrats and republicans. it's been rare that we've seen something in the political context that's brought such overwhelming joy to both parties. democrats were thrilled by her win and it sounds like to listen to andrea, there's a lot of republicans as well so nice going. and nice going to go convert the party of lincoln to the party of palin. yes, this is a gift to democrats but it's not just a political gift because, again, we've got a party that thinks obama was born in kenya or has these wacked out
7:47 am
ideas or dangerous ideas. >> nobody is left, richard? >> no, wait a second. what's dangerous is the notion that our air and motion should be unprotected and we should have second amendment remedies if we don't win at the ballot box or we should have home schooling. the concepts are scary. >> i want to bring it back to what the mainstream idea is of the tea party. 45% of people who consider themselves part of the tea party say their number one concern is spending. so yeah, every group has wackadoodles, ok? we all know that. but they are concerned about spending, right, andrea? >> yes. richard is jumping up and down when he's not looking at the polls right now. a majority of the american electorate is against everything that this administration is doing. that's also what's fueling the tea parties. i mean, you jump up and down and talk about kukoo, how about bankrupting the country? how about pelosi saying that birth control stimulus or unemployment checks create employment by harry reid?
7:48 am
i mean, richard, the real movement that's afoot is that this administration is taking our country so far left and in the middle and the right are pulling it back. i'm going to give you -- >> go to any talking points you want. the party is in serious, serious trouble. >> is she right? >> if we didn't go from a surplus, the world's largest ever that clinton left for bush to the $1.3 trillion deficit. no, it's not here we go, andrea, because what we've heard from the people who want to be in the leadership, should the republicans control congress, is return in bush tax policies and spending policies. >> guess what, richard? bush tax policies didn't get us into the situation we are. poor lending practices, ask barney frank about that. >> yeah. right now, i got to wrap it up. 31 democrats appear to be in favor of extending all of the bush tax cuts. >> that's right. >> to everyone. >> we disagree incidentally. >> great to see you. we'll continue this debate and move towards the midterm. >> thanks. >> maintaining your weight by drinking wine. are you kidding me? i have to pay attention to this!
7:49 am
that's according to the cast from "the doctors". they are here live with ways to fix your health in just five minutes. i'm for that, too. number one song in 1965, let's go way back. it was "help" by the beatles. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number? [ tires screech ] [ enne rving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on t new 2011 lexus is.
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7:52 am
>> they're in your living room every morning but they don't just play doctors on tv. they're actual doctors! this medical team has a prescription to live a longer and better life from the hit show "the doctors" we have travis stork, lisa masterson, drew orodon and jim z ar. the authors of brand new book "five minute health fixes." yeah, why spend 10 minutes? i think i can get healthy at
7:53 am
five. >> 10 minutes you'll be double healthy. >> five minutes it takes. >> these are little life changes you can make if you spend five minutes, do it over. try to get it into your regular routine, it adds up over time. you may be adding years to your life. >> let's talk about how can you make your health -- your heart healthier in five minutes. you can drink drip coffee? is that right? >> sure. >> yeah. >> rather than french drip? >> yes. french press actually can increase your cholesterol levels and these are crazy concepts but very simple. so the doctor alluded to it, the simple decisions you're making each day. who would think that using a filter would actually be better for your heart? and it is. >> all right. >> also eating chocolate lowers your blood pressure. >> i love these doctors. >> couple cups of coffee, that's good. studies show that it actually is good to prevent heart arrhythmias. >> let's go from the heart to the brain.
7:54 am
first, eat four walnuts a day. take six deep breaths. do a few impromptu pushups. don't go crazy. >> pushups. >> go ahead and do the pushups. >> i don't do the pushups but the walnuts and they look like the brain. that's an easy way to remember and economical in this society. >> ok. with your immune system, we love the good, healthy immune system. that fights off diseases and colds and flus and stuff like that. you say you should drink a cup of green tea before and after lunch and sprinkle cayanne on your food. >> one day i was like so hyper, be careful with your green tea. >> great way to do it is if you have your coffee in the morning, have green tea later in the day and then -- >> and the cayenne can kill the bacteria that causes ulcers. >> we know there are certain bacteria causes ulcers that affects the lining of your stomach and the pepper actually kills the bacteria so it's
7:55 am
better for your stomach. >> cayenne pepper is not good in green tea. >> and may hurt going out the other end. that's -- >> healthier. >> and help your sex life. >> that's something else spicy. >> that's right. >> to maintain a healthy weight, you say drink a glass of pinot wine. >> that's my deal. >> i like the california reds but in terms of the highest levels of resfiritol, great for anti-aging, the oregon coast pinot noirs have the highest level so if you want to have a nice pinot noir and be healthy. >> what if you're a person who likes a white wine, chardonnay. >> they have it in it, too. but the reds are a little bit better. >> ok. finally, for healthy relationship, you should incorporate the power of touch. >> hugging. we love the hug.
7:56 am
>> would you rather hug lisa? >> if i had the choice. >> studies showed 20 seconds of hugging either with your spouse or significant other has been shown to lower blood pressure, lower cortisone levels and in women, raising levels. >> what about your business colleague? does that work? >> all right, then, guys. >> we really want to love somebody right now. >> just know the person you're hugging. >> right. >> and ask -- >> no random hugging. >> from people on the streets of new york city watching us on the jumbotron in times square and in front of the building, ask before you hug. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> great new book and fantastic that you would stop by to help us all here. doctors travis, lisa, drew and jim. thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> appreciate it. >> real pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> all right. there you go. that's going to have to satisfy as the hug. meanwhile, the president is pushing a plan to hike taxes on
7:57 am
some of the wealthiest americans, the people who spend their money and create jobs like donald trump. he's a wealthy guy. his take on the proposal when he joins us on the curvy couch as soon as the doctors get out of here. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant.
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>> gretchen: it's always great to have a good time. good morning, everyone. 's thursday, september 16, 2010. thank you for sharing your time. the obama administration refuses to extend the tax cuts for who they call rich. but aren't the rich the ones who spend and hire everyone else? i don't know. donald trump will answer that. he's rich. and he's here live to weigh in on all that. hey, donald. >> hi. >> brian: enough said. >> peter: first he whined because the banks wouldn't cash his government checks. now the man accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood wants you to feel sorry for him again. he's the victim, playing the victim card. that story straight ahead. >> brian: don't hold your
8:01 am
breath, pal. imagine buying a home with 67 cents. sixty-seven-cent down payment. it's happening. isn't this the reason the housing bubble burst in the first place? i ask rhetorically. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> they have no idea what they're doing. >> peter: words of wisdom from the great donald trump. >> good morning. >> peter: are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> peter: also this hour -- >> gretchen: here is another one. >> peter: betty white will be joining us. and bristol palin. she started "dancing with the stars." >> gretchen: in the meantime a check of your headlines. severe weather alert, watching three storms at the same time, tropical storm karl, dumping heavy answer on mexico's central coast. could become a hurricane by tomorrow. and hurricane igor now 550 miles across in width. this shows how massive the storm
8:02 am
is. the cat 4 storm could create deadly rip currents along the east coast this weekend. we do have good news in the weather picture for you. the third storm, hurricane julia, not expected to actually hit land. in two hours, major in a dad hassan is expected in court for a pretrial hearing. his lawyer wants to close it to the media and public. he claims an open hearing will hurt his chance at a fair trial. there were plenty of warnings about the pipe that exploded in california. but apparently they were all ignored. back in 2007, the state asked for 4 million bucks to fix the san bruno pipe. but that money still has not been sent. the explosion killed four people and destroyed dozens of homes. new york city set to hold hearings today on a proposal to ban smoking almost everywhere. in public parks, beaches, and even times square. mayor michael bloomberg initiate
8:03 am
add ban seven years ago. the city council will vote on the ban once hearings are complete. those are your headlines. somebody who knows a lot about new york city, owns a lot of buildings in new york city, donald trump is here. >> brian: watches your show. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: i know you're so excited about this season on the apprentice. the other thing you do full time, this big business thing you've done so well. >> peter: the rich guy part. >> brian: we were debating those who make over $250,000. do you really need a tax cut if it's going to cost our piggy bank $700 billion? >> well, it really is helpful. the economy is terrible and it does create incentive for a lot of people, including lots of people that i know very well, friends and enemies. it does create a big incentive. to put people to work, lots of people to work. i have friends that are actually stopping. >> brian: why? >> they don't feel there is incentive. they have no love from the government. they don't like obama. they have no love from the government. >> gretchen: they don't know
8:04 am
what's going to happen next. right? there is too many big question marks looming. >> they have no idea what's going on. they look at the economy. so it's a problem. >> peter: 31 democrats, democrats sent the president and the speaker of the house a letter yesterday and here is what it reads in part. in recent weeks, we have heard from a diverse spectrum of con exist, small business owners and families who voiced concerns that raising any taxes could negatively impact economic growth. given the fragility of our economy and slow pace of recovery, we share their concerns. so it's not just the republicans the president has to fight. it's the guys in his party. >> we share concerns. do we spend money we have and all of a sudden we're not making the kind of money that we're supposed to make? there is another threat. i'm not leaving, but there are a lot of people in my position that are going to leave this country because they'll go to switzerland. they have international businesses. they don't have to give money to america.
8:05 am
they don't have to give money to the united states and to mr. obama where he wants to tax the hell out of everyone. it's really getting to be a problem and a lot of people are thinking about leaving. a lot of the very, very rich that don't have maybe the same loyalty. if i left, it wouldn't be a problem. >> gretchen: it would be a problem. >> it would be a big story, i don't know if it would be a problem. >> gretchen: i want to make an important point with you, donald, because a lot of the people in that $250,000 bracket and above are in the multi-millionaires. these are the small business owners. >> very true. >> gretchen: it's still going to be crucial, maybe even more crucial to them to pay higher taxes. >> right. well, the whole system is broken and people are really wondering what's going to happen. i have a lot of people and a lot of friends that won't expand or won't spend any money because they don't know what's happening. they see great hostility from the government. >> brian: for one thing, they're aiming at wall street and say
8:06 am
wall street got us into this mess and we know about the reforms that were put in place, but yet they weren't written, but signed into law. here is the big question, at what point do you feel as though you'll have the confidence from the big business level to start diving in again? what do you need? what three things do you need to hear from washington? >> you want to know what the taxes are going to be. what i'd like to see just to get off that for a second, is i'd like to see the same kind of action taken against opec and china and other country, but china in particular because they are ring us like nobody has ever before. you try opening a business in china, you can't do it. yet they come here and suck all our money out of us and then loan it back to us. that's the interesting thing. they take the money out and then they loan it back. but if we gave the same effort to doing something with china and working on opec, so the 11 guys don't set artificial prices for oil, do you notice when the economy goes up, there is a little good news, oil goes up. what it does is we go up, it
8:07 am
goes up. it sucks the blood right out of us. so if a little effort was given to fighting opec and getting oil to where it should be and fighting china and taxing products coming in from china that are -- i ordered windows, thousands of windows the other day. it's all made in china. does anybody make windows in this country? >> peter: nobody makes anything anymore. >> then you have the guy saying, free trade. who wants that when we have billions of dollars of imbalance with china? and the problem is we use our diplomats to negotiate. i don't want a diplomat negotiating. i can take ten guys that i know that are killers. i'll put them against china any day of the week and china is -- >> brian: you bring up a good point because there is nobody in this administration that has ever run a business. you have a bunch of professors. >> i could give you ten names right now and this country would start making a lot of money. >> gretchen: you said to the imam with this controversial
8:08 am
mosque situation that you would buy that property at a 25% markup just so they wouldn't build the mosque down there. you said it should be at least seven blocks away. they did not take you up on your offer. >> brian: they said it was a publicity stunt. >> yeah, i know. the develop service a nice guy. -- >> peter: he just got evicted. >> no, no. the imam got evicted. i think he's looking to make money, but he paid 4.8 million. i offered him a 25% increase. i don't even want it. in my letter, i said, i don't want it. it's a lousy location. so i didn't want it, but i would do it because you are going to see riots down there like you haven't seen in a long time. the level of animosity and hatred. i told the guy, i said, you could create such goodwill if you did this. it would be amazing. he said it's worth 18, it's worth 20. to the best of my knowledge, the real estate market is somewhat flat. i said what happened? you bought it cheap? he said yeah, the guy was
8:09 am
stupid. >> brian: you offered him 25% over what he bought it for. hopefully they'll wise up because the imam is a slumlord. he'll find himself in court and el gamal got himself kicked out of soho properties. now let's talk about something important. the apprentice. this new season, i love the premise, putting people back to work, talented people that lost their job. >> we've had such great luck with the apprentice, from the day it came out. what we've done is gone back to the regular, celebrities coming back in the spring and we're doing a regular because we're showing how bad the economy is. these are people that are tremendously successful people and now they don't have jobs. one went to stanford law school, selling cup cakes. another has five children, a wife that wants to leave him, and he's got no income. like nothing. and they all had big jobs. 16 people, they're down and out. we have a lot of fun. it's rough. but it's somewhat inspirational,
8:10 am
i think. >> brian: is it hard saying you're fired to someone who has been fired? >> it's harder, but i made the deal before and i told them i don't like firing people that were already fired. but you'll be fired and you'll be fired rough and we're going to get you jobs someplace. we're going to work on getting -- one thing that is different, we're trying to get them jobs. we meet with terry lundgren of macy's, steve forbes, a lot of big people, and we're trying to get these people set up and jobs. >> gretchen: that's great. >> peter: speaking of great people, we had somebody yesterday who has a great company and she's going to be premiering her new jewelry line on qvc this friday night. she happens to be married to you. >> that's right. >> peter: there she is. >> i watched. >> peter: then you know that we administered some truth serum to melania and asked her about the nicknames floating around the
8:11 am
kitchen table at the trump household. here is a flashback. >> what do you call him, 'cause we call him the donald? >> i called him honey, baby. just depending how he behave. >> peter: if he's in trouble and not behaving? >> then he's donald. he's not in trouble much. we have a very good relationship. >> peter: what does he call you? >> baby. yeah. honey. >> peter: weird, 'cause that's the same thing he calls me. >> really? >> peter: yeah. >> peter: there she is with the bellamy. i want a piece of that company, gretchen. >> peter: you need those ten negotiators. >> brian: our crew is having trouble meeting the right one. can you give them advice? how did you know looking at melania that she was the right one. if you have a pen and paper,
8:12 am
write this down. >> i went to a party and there were a lot of models that looked like gretchen. there were a lot of beautiful models at the party and there was a super model there, one of the biggest and they said, look -- i won't use her name. look at the super model. i said forget her, who is the one on the left? i fought very hard and she wouldn't give me her number. i don't think she found me at all attractive. >> brian: did she know who you were? >> yeah. but i don't think she liked me. sort of like gretchen didn't used to like me. but it took a lot of time, but it worked out. she's a great person and gave me a beautiful son. >> brian: wasn't that a good move on her part to act like she didn't care. >> the ultimate sell. >> gretchen: sometimes women are really smart. >> peter: and guys need help, donald. so your pick up line was? >> hello. >> peter: that's it!
8:13 am
>> i'm donald trump. >> brian: guys, jot that down, hello, i'm donald trump. >> gretchen: that doesn't work for anyone else. >> brian: this is what i learned. take action. he never would have got there if you didn't go over and put yourself out there. >> peter: donald trump, thank you very much. >> brian: this will be your best season ever. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up, why make an argument for a new stimulus bill when we still have billions of bucks left from the first stimulus. >> peter: think this clip is wild? wait until betty white joins us live in a couple of moments. stick around.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> peter: president obama has a plan to jump start the economy by dumping $50 billion into the country's infrastructure. he says it will create jobs, but isn't that what the first stimulus was supposed to do last year? the department of transportation got $38.6 billion last year, about half of that has been paid out. ohm half. so where is the rest of the money going and why aren't those billions stimulating the economy? we are joined by republican congressman john micah of florida and congressman peter difazio of oregon, senior members of the committee of transportation and up from structure. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> peter: congressman micah, let's start with your congressman. why do we need another 50 billion in infrastructure? there is billions and billions left in the kitty that's supposed to go for infrastructure. >> exactly. we've got a lot more than just half. we've got 70% of the money still
8:18 am
in washington coffers. they'll tell you some of it's allocated. but there is so much red tape that you can't get the money out there. so they're proposing another $50 billion. i have no problem investing in america's crumbling infrastructure, but let's spend the money that's out there and then they come up with another tax proposal. i'm not hot to trot on the trop. >> peter: congressman difazio, what about the fact that there was a senior white house guy who told reporters in a short-term, this is not going to generate any jobs. we're not going to see any jobs until 2011. that's a problem. >> well, the joke in the democratic caucus is how come president obama talked about infrastructure on labor day and it's 'cause larry summers and the rest of the economic team were out of town. we've been fighting for a year to get infrastructure on their agenda. and like john, i want long-term investment. another short-term shot like the stimulus is not what we need. you don't get the maximum
8:19 am
multiplier effect. >> peter: congressman, this should have been done last year. they should have done this last year, going after this kind of job. >> october 1 last year, our long-term transportation authorization expired. we should have had a new bill in place, six years worth of investment to rebuild 150,000 bridges, $60 billion deficit in our transit systems all across america. millions of job, made in america. >> peter: congressman mike, i'll give you the final word. >> well, again, we've tried from our side, the republican side, worked with peter, others last year. we came together. we want to do do a six-year bill. they deep sixed that. they opted for an 18 month bill. we could have had people working by now. now we have an extension that expires in just a few more months and we have this new tax and spend proposal. it's not going to float. >> peter: all right. good enough. we thank you for presenting both sides of the political spectrum.
8:20 am
thank you guy. >> thank you. >> peter: straight ahead, talking about money, imagine this, buy a house with 67 crept down payment. -- cent down payment. it happened. here is the problem, isn't that the reason the housing bubble burst in the first place? bristol palin will be here live, how she's juggling motherhood, charity work and now she's dancing with the stars.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
quick headlines. as you get ready for your day, arlington national cemetery confirms the remains of three buried vets are in the wrong place. a investigation found hundreds of burials were botched due to poor management. a rare sight in the waters near row done dough beach, california. check out this blue whale right near a kayaker. they haven't been spotted there
8:24 am
in 30 years. and it looks big. gretch. >> gretchen: thank you. a couple just bought a dream home. but the check they wrote at the closing, what do you think it was? sixty-seven cents. that's all thanks to the new affordable advantage program. a program for home buyers with no money down. but isn't this the reason that the housing bubble burst in the first place? joining me is bob massi. sixty-seven cents. it must have been a misprint. >> this affordable advantage program is right now being used in four states and it's for a limited period of time. it goes to show you how removed, gretchen, fannie mae is from things. let me explain happens. there is housing finance agencies in every state. they decided in order to raise money, they would buy loans from lenders and then they sell these loans to fannie mae as securities with no money down,
8:25 am
generally up to $1,000, from a home buyer. you have to be a first time home buyer, have a score of 680 or more, have to go to counseling. but let me read you quickly. last week mr. demarco, the head of the federal housing finance agency, that testified in congress said this one got away from us. in other words, fannie mae, who we've given $150 billion for, is back again in the business of buying loans. it just shows you how removed these people are from reality. >> gretchen: how could that possibly be? >> well, because it just goes to show you -- don't forget, this is the government who wants to run everything in this country. it basically slipped through the cracks. i don't know how it happened except i have to say it's malfeasance. >> gretchen: is it a good thing for people? if i'm a home buyer and i can write a closing cost check for 67 cents, is it good or leads to bad or how do you seize it? >> here is the theory. the one of the reasons we're in
8:26 am
this slump is that the underwriters basically looked the other way as to the capability of somebody paying. is it good for people to get into homes in an affordable fashion? of course it is. the problem is, gretchen, that the government has to get out of this business. i mean, we are giving fannie and freddie $150 billion. they're now back into the business and here is what the experts are saying. this just is a snapshot of what again could happen in this country, that people who really are not in a position to buy are being allowed to buy and that's my concern because if they default, you and i as taxpayers again will be paying the defaulted loans. >> gretchen: yep. i hear you. i don't think fannie mae is getting out of the government and the business isn't getting out of their business any time soon. by the way, i used to love your hair, but now i love your glasses as well. thank you for being our guest. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we're expecting new jobless numbers any moment.
8:27 am
i hope i can smile about that. a fox news alert right when we come back. and six-year-old girls cheering how tight their skirts are? huh? one parent thought it was ridiculous. what's more ridiculous? what happened when she complained. betty white's red hot career is now getting even hotter. she'll explain. joining us live at the bottom of the hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
a the factor is on at 9:00 o'clock in south america. don't fire him, though. i don't have the power to do that. doocy is a star in the morning. he'll use that clip, i know, tomorrow on "fox & friends." >> gretchen: and we did. you're safe with bill o'reilly. >> peter: yeah, he's not going to fire me. i was surprised to hear that he could fire me. next time i should kiss up to him. >> gretchen: no, he said he didn't have the power to. >> peter: so thank you very much. by the way, "the o'reilly factor" seen at 9:00 o'clock in south america. >> brian: you're always thinking from the brazilian perspective. this is so exciting. she is one of the most sought
8:32 am
after actresses in hollywood. at age 88, betty white's busier than ever. remember how she nearly stole this year's super bowl spotlight with this unforgettable spot. >> mike, what is the deal? >> come on, man, you've been riding me all day. >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend said. >> peter: guess what? betty white is getting back into the super bowl ad game. >> gretchen: the star, she joins us live from l.a. this morning. good morning to you, betty. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> gretchen: we are fantastic here on the couch. what do you mean, you're going to get back into the super bowl game already? what are you going to be doing? >> well, dorito's and pepsi have this wonderful contest, crash
8:33 am
the super bowl contest where people make their own original commercials and then they're shown on the super bowl next february, which is a wonderful door opener. >> peter: yeah. betty, in the commercial we just saw the snickers commercial, how many times did that guy actually tackle you in the mud before you got a good take? >> actually it was just really one -- i got the laugh, but the stunt woman actually went in. all i had to do was step in it and lie down in this icy, cold, muddy water. it was not the most fun thing i've ever done, but we had a good time doing it. >> brian: could you describe, your career has been phenomenal. can you describe what that commercial did and how your life changed again over the last couple of years because of it? >> well, i didn't expect i'd have been invited to do the
8:34 am
commercial, but i didn't expect it to air on the super bowl. and it surprised us more than anything. and so i think it eventually led to "saturday night live" which was a great experience, and -- >> gretchen: you won an emmy for that. that was your 7th emmy. you're on fire. you inked a two book deal now. you have the golden girls turns 25 this year, one of my favorite shows ever. you are going to be a betty white pin-up calendar, and you are coming back to the big screen in a new movie where you play grandma bunny. tell me about that. >> "you again" is opening on the 24th of this month and it's another -- you never know where a career is going to take you. after 63 years in the business, i'm still having a wonderful time. >> peter: aren't you supposed to be retired by now and are you ever going to retire? >> well, you see, that's it,
8:35 am
you're just asking me to go away stop asking me 'cause i'll say yes. >> peter: no, no, we don't want you to go away. we love you. you're fantastic. >> brian: you work with so many great people in your career, ted knight, bea arthur, ed asner, you also worked with tony randle, jack klugman. out of all of them, who is the funniest? >> tim conway. he can fracture me at any time. i just have to look at his face and i'm gone. >> peter: what planet is he from? we love him. >> i lost you, darling. would you say that again? >> peter: i asked what planet tim conway was from because he is so funny. >> i don't think we found that planet yet. he is hysterical.
8:36 am
and he does it all with a straight face. >> gretchen: he's from the planet of talent. now, i want to ask you about a rumor that's out there. are you going to play god in the remake of the 1977 film "oh, god"? >> no, that's another one of those funny rumors that they start on facebook or wherever it is, and they start these rumors and then everybody thinks it's a fact. there is not a chance, i'm not going to host the oscars, i'm not going to do a lot of things they say i'm going to do on there. >> peter: if you're not going to do those things, let's make up a really good one and let's have you make it up. what are you not going to do, but we can put out there right now that you're going to do it just to start the whole rumor mill. >> this isn't a rumor, this is a fact. i'm going to atlanta to do a hallmark hall of fame movie, which i'm looking forward to. and then we start back on a series "hot in cleveland" in
8:37 am
november. >> gretchen: it's interesting what happens to your character because she got arrested in the finale. >> we left her in jail. >> brian: finally, would you ever consider fighting crime as a charlie's angel? >> nope. thank you. appreciate the offer. >> brian: all right. i thought i'd try. >> peter: terrific. so betty white joining us live from l.a. talking about the crash the super bowl promotion. if you would like more information on how you can get your own ad on the super bowl, go to our web site, betty, it was a pleasure. thank you for joining us from the city of angel. >> thank you. >> gretchen: you got to love her. >> brian: she could have done a morning show. she's wide awake at 4 in the morning. >> gretchen: talk about a career at 88. a fox business alert.
8:38 am
the labor department with the weekly jobless claims. 450,000 new claims filed last week. fewer than expected. it's the third decline in four weeks, which is slightly good news for all of the unemployed americans. >> brian: senate democrats and republicans have reached an agreement on the $30 billion small business bill. it's a vote on the bill will nap a few hours. it's supposed to open up lending to small businesses in need of credit. republicans have criticized the bill. >> saying it's another financial bailout, but it looks like there is enough democrats to go along. >> peter: president obama hitting the campaign trail in connecticut today. he's stumping for controversial democratic senate candidate richard blumenthal. remember him? he's the guy who lied about serving in vietnam. julie kirtz is joining us to detail his trip up north. >> blumenthal needs help. the president will attend two fund-raisers tonight. remember obama carried connecticut overwhelmingly two years ago, but his poll numbers are down as well and the economy
8:39 am
is still struggling, so the question is, could the president be a drag on richard blumenthal's campaign to win the seat of retiring senator chris dodd. blumenthal has been in politics for decades. but the polls show him six points ahead. that's down from a 17 point lead in july and a 33 point lead in march. he's running against republican and former pro wrestling executive linda mcmahon who is pumping millions of dollars into her race there. it's a tight race at this point. to help, the president will attend a flashy fund-raiser. it happens to be an enemy territory at a gated estate, the same gated estate and community where linda mcmahon lives. her campaign says they'll pump $50 million into that race if that's what it takes to win. the president is hoping to help blumenthal on the money front at
8:40 am
least tonight with two fundraisers in connecticut. he leaves the white house this afternoon. back to you. >> peter: thank you very much. if linda mcmahon lives in the neighborhood, if you were her, wouldn't you drive by? >> brian: i would be so tempted. >> peter: honking. >> brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. with more news, new jersey judge has orderd the imam behind the ground zero mosque to clean up the union city apartments, the building he owns or face hefty fines. rauf has a hole in his roof. his lawyer claims the repair work is underway. but no one has seen it. lawsuit says rauf ignored mold problems and fire hazards, plus code violations, pointed out by city officials. they have to keep cops there just in case a fire breaks out that saves people. that's taxpayer money. >> peter: that's right. >> gretchen: that sounds outrageous. a six-year-old cheerleader gets kicked off her squad because her mom didn't want her to say this.
8:41 am
>> my booty shakes from left to right. >> gretchen: my booty shakes from left to right. what six-year-old feels comfortable saying that? jennifer of michigan thought the cheer was too racy for her daughter, so the board that runs the team gave her the boot. they said it's best for everybody. >> it's not better for everybody involved at all. it's not better for my child. she's going to be devastated. >> gretchen: parents who defend the cheer say it's been around for years. coming up tomorrow, the cheerleader and her mom who got the boot, will join us live. a "fox & friends" exclusive right here. don't miss it. >> peter: don't tune away. this morning, still to come, bristol palin is joining us live. how she's juggling motherhood, charity work and putting on the shoes to dance with the stars. >> brian: another guy who is a tremendous dancer, eric bolling. he's talking finance. he's predicting the price of gold will go through the roof. so if we already gave away his prediction, do we still have him
8:42 am
on? >> gretchen: he's right. stick around for that. how much is that worth, pollen? 50 grand in gold. i'm coming over to get it now. >> brian: that's more than melania's jewels.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> brian: two days ago, the price of bold hit $1,300 an ounce. so what's with the sudden gold rush and can we rely on it to hold its value? who better to answer that than the gold guru himself, host of money rocks, which is the gold standard at the "fox business" network, eric bolling. >> you've got every gold pun in that. >> brian: thank you very much. some don't even apply. you hold in your hand what? >> $50,000 worth of gold. let me do this real quick. when i first came on "fox & friends" about three years ago, that was worth 25 grand. it's going to fall. >> brian: i don't care. it's not mine. >> it's doubled in price in three years. 50 grand right there.
8:46 am
>> brian: why do people go to gold and why do so few believe it was a good investment when you brought it up? >> people are scared to death. if tuesday, mini super tuesday didn't tell you that people care about things, are fearful of things like the failing economy, they bought tea in the form of ballots tea party, they bought gold in the form of bars and they're buying guns in the form of bullets. gold, guns and tea are the hottest thing right now 'cause people are frankly scared that the economy, if it fails, it falls off the end of the cliff. >> brian: you're saying that it isn't necessarily a good investment in itself. it's a good investment because of the climate in the country. >> right. i would say this and i've been saying gold is going up for the last 15 years. i started buying this stuff in the 80s. i would say the only thing that would derail a rally in gold would be a tea party congress, tea party senate. maybe a tea partier in the white
8:47 am
house because tea partiers are for smaller government. they're for taxing less and the problem here is a reason why gold is going up is because government spending more than their taking in. the only way to pay for that is print currency. and you devalue the currency. >> brian: so some people print a lot of currency. some countries a lot, some a little. gold will have its same value? >> if they continue to print, to pay for spending, gold will go up. when you get a fiscally conservative congress, then gold prices would probably come down. >> brian: besides going to your house and asking for the gold what, do we do if we want to get in on the gold rush? >> one of these is a fifth of an ounce. look at the small one. that's one fifth of one ounce. that's a few hundred bucks, a great way to do it. go to your corner dealer, a reputable guy. it's the easest way to be
8:48 am
involved. i think gold will probably hit $3,000 an ounce before it hits let's say 500. >> brian: okay. real quick, i remember steve martin had a saying, how do you become rich, a millionaire never pays taxes. say these two words, i forgot. the other way to not pay your taxes is to be charlie rangel. you have an invitation for charlie rangel, dealing with 13 ethics violation charges. >> we have an outstanding invitation to him. we've been calling his office every day for the past few months. take a look what we did. >> one of the other winners was charlie rangel. there have been many investigations. 13 ethics investigations going on in the house right now. but didn't seem to matter last night. congratulations, representative rangel. you won your democratic primary. but we wanted a few minutes of your time. we called you probably every day for the last three months to talk. you're very busy, i get it. but now that the primary is over, maybe you have a few minutes.
8:49 am
we bought a lounge chair because we knew you liked them and maybe we'll wait for you. i understand you're busy. let's try and get a few minutes of your time. we got thrown out of there literally the second after we stopped shooting that clip. get to the curb, please. >> brian: you look so much more comfortable in that chair. >> all we're asking for, representative rangel, is five minutes of your time. >> brian: we're going to watch "money rocks" tonight. what time? >> 8 and 11. >> brian: thanks so much. always great to see you. up next, bristol palin, who is training for "dancing with the stars." but first let's check in with bill hemmer and find out what's on at top of the hour. i just got $50,000. >> put a gps on boling. brian, good morning to you. karl rove has been on a tear, folks. he's live on our program in a few moments. what's he going to say today?
8:50 am
juan williams says tax cut also be issue number one for the next two months. he's here today. governor pataki has a new campaign. change parts of health care. he'll explain that today. and does the tea party have the mo, as in momentum? we'll talk to one of its leaders after the elections on tuesday. what does it all mean? we have a packed show. join us in ten minutes on america's newsroom.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: i'm excited for this interview because she's juggling motherhood, charity work and now "dancing with the stars." daughter of former alaska governor sarah palin, bristol palin joins us now live from california. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: my goodness, life certainly has changed dramatically for you in the last two years. you're now a mom, you now are
8:54 am
going to be on "dancing with the stars." tell me about your experience because i understand that you really don't believe that you're a good dancer at all. >> no, i do not believe that. i have no dance experience and this has been just an awesome experience so far. hopefully i do well on the performance on the 20th and hopefully i'll learn how to shake those hips. >> brian: that is the hurdle, isn't it? i heard that that is the one thing that your partner wants you to do. >> yes, that is like his main goal is to make me step out of my comfort zone and shake my hips and really have an attitude out there on the dance floor. >> brian: you're on "dancing with the stars." you're out of your comfort zone. you already made that step. >> yeah, true. but this is an even bigger step towards being out of my comfort zone. >> peter: i did something that may make you feel a little uncomfortable and that is, according to star magazine where we get some of our finest information, apparently the guy
8:55 am
from the "jersey shore," you know him, we all know him as the situation, apparently he has two goals this season on "dancing with the stars." first of all, he wants to win the competition and then after that, he wants to win your heart. your comment on that, ma'am. >> look at the source. i mean, there is lots of stories out there and most of -- which are not true. >> peter: you never know. >> gretchen: let me ask you about the outfits because one of the main reasons i think a lot of men watch "dancing with the stars" is 'cause the women hardly have anything on. you have come out publicly and said that you maybe won't be wearing those skimpy outfits. how will you avoid that? >> i'm a mom. i have a one-year-old at home and i don't want to be in those two piece little by kuehne tops or anything like that. so i will be dressing modestly and i'm staying true to who i am. >> brian: how long have you been in training? when can we see
8:56 am
you out there? when can we start seeing you? >> well, the show will be on the 20th and you'll get to see my dancing then. i've been training for two weeks. >> peter: will your mother be in attendance, along with your father in the studio to watch? >> yes, yes. i'm hoping that she'll be able to squeeze some time in in between her speeches and be able to make a performance. >> peter: because i have read you feel she is your number one cheerleader and you need her dance floor side. >> yeah, i'll need both of my parents there. >> gretchen: what a fantastic experience for you. i hope you do well. good luck and we'll be watching. bristol palin, great to have you on. hopefully you're join us again. >> brian: you already won by trying because i would not have been able to do that. >> gretchen: we'll be back in two minutes.
8:57 am
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